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Attention Sara, Jane, Charlotte, Clara, Ruth Ann, and the rest of you Girl Scouts that were in the class of 1960 that I haven't identified as yet. I know Dorothy Henderson and Alice Ray were two of our adults but haven't figured out everyone else. Also Don Henderson took the movies.

An IE movie of Girl Scout Day Camp It takes awhile to load, its 6 meg.

Most of us girls were totally unaware but this was taken the year that Mom intergrated camp. She said she wasn't going to run two camps as the camp director. We had adults from the National and Regional Scouting offices present as observers even.

The recent DVD that was done of Liberty history has many glaring errors in it but the total omission of intergration even being mentioned seems to be a distortion of history to me. I don't think Miss Johnson would approve.

I haven't done any documentation on our school intergration but I am sure you all remember that day in assembly when it was announced at both schools. I am hopeful that I can talk a couple of you into writing it down for the benefit of future LHS Blue Jays.


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