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2001 Class Reunion
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Photos from the BBQ at Jim Pence's.

Yes we had cake

Is this Richard Groves?

Talking was the thing to do and here's Richard Groves.

Somebody and Jim Pence

Along with people watching. Here's Don Dye and Jim Pence doing their fair share.

Sarah Ponder, beats me, Linda Siever, Jim, Charlotte McClard

This group seems well preserved. Sara Ponder, Lee Capps, Linda Sevier, Jim (who?), Carol Harmon.

Jan Winsbrough?

Carol Slater, Sharon Slater, Phil Wymore, Joyce Edwards

I have no idea who this is

There was lot's of picture taking - some folks even got their picture taken with their spouses like Don Boone and Betty Caster.

That's Charlotte's new husband in the front, Linda Seiver, Sara Jo, whoknows, Richard Groves and another whoknows.

Shell talked and we listened

Shell was the hit of the evening - ask him what time he got home.