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2001 Class Reunion
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Our Classmates who have passed on - except Ann Crum who is still very much alive

Reports of Ann Crum's death were premature - she is alive and living in St. Louis.

The next reunion is in five - count them - 5 - years. Mark your calender now. In the meantime do share your memories and what's happening with you.

"One of my favorite moments was when this bald guy walked up to me at the football game and said 'this must be one of the WeirdSisters' Twas Ron Decker."
- Contributed by Lois

John and I would have loved to come - but my physical activities ie: any type of movement, causes additional pain, so we really don't do much of anything.
---- Ann Crum

On March 19, 2002 Mrs. Irene LaFrenz will celebrate her 99th birthday.
How about sending a card wishing her Happy Birthday.

A note from Martha,
She is 98 years old and likes to brag that she's "still vertical and taking nourishment." She lives in an lovely assisted living facility close to me, so I can see her about every day. She isn't able to read anymore but LOVES to get mail, which I read to her. So please publish her address on the Website:

Irene LaFrenz, Hawthorne Inn, 3220 Independence Drive, Danville, IL 61832.
If you send a card please include your class since it is possible she has forgotten some of us, or at least tried to.

Ron O'Dor

Ron O'Dor ('62) Named Senior Scientist of the Census of Marine Life International Program (news release, March 9, 2001)

The Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education (CORE), which serves as the secretariat for the Census of Marine Life (CoML), announced the appointment of Ron O'Dor to the position of CoML Senior Scientist today. O'Dor comes to CORE from Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada where he recently served as Professor and Chair of the Biology Department. The Census of Marine Life is an international research program whose overall vision is to assess and explain the diversity, distribution and abundance of marine organisms throughout the world's oceans.

At Dalhousie since 1973, O'Dor advanced through the professorial ranks, acquiring a long list of credentials. O'Dor has been the president of the Cephalopod International Advisory Council, the Board of the Canadian Natural Science and Engineering Research Council's (NSERC) Ocean Production Enhancement Network, and won numerous grants to track cuttlefish, squid and horseshoe crabs from the Australian Research Council, the South African Research Development Fund and the World Wildlife Fund of Japan. O'Dor has also had Canadian Space Agency/NASA support for experiments aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavor.
O'Dor's unusual academic background includes engineering, biochemistry and medical physiology providing him with diverse and unique perspectives on marine biological research. His development of radio-acoustic positioning telemetry (RAPT) systems for marine protected areas cemented his international credentials as a leading scientist in the marine field. O'Dor first became aware of CoML in 1997 when he participated in the Non-Fish Nekton workshop at the New England Aquarium. By participating in additional workshops, he gained a strong sense of the program's history and objectives. He will phase in his new responsibilities over the next few months.
As Senior Scientist, O'Dor will be responsible for managing the implementation of the scientific strategy, creating new partnerships with industry and international funding agencies, facilitating the development of new pilot projects, and fostering collaboration among environmental and other special interest groups.

"The Scientific Steering Committee is extremely pleased that Ron O'Dor, an internationally-renowned Professor of Biological Sciences at Dalhousie University, has become Senior Scientist," said Frederick Grassle, Chair, CoML Scientific Steering Committee. "His outstanding leadership ability and broad knowledge of life in the oceans will ensure success as CoML prepares to implement its international scientific strategy."
"CoML is a challenging project and an exciting adventure. Today's world has no shortage of challenges, but few are as easy to understand as quantifying unknown life-forms on our own planet," O'Dor says. "The truth is we have only sampled 5% more of Earth's ocean than the ocean on Jupiter's moon Europa!"

O'Dor attended the University of California, Berkeley receiving an A.B. (Honors, Biochemistry) and later a Ph. D. degree in Physiology from the University of British Columbia. He was a post-doctoral fellow in Zoology at the Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. O'Dor has been awarded numerous academic awards and honors including recognition for University-Industry Synergy by NSERC. He has published over 100 articles, supervised or co-supervised 40 graduate students and has membership in eight professional societies. O'Dor is married to Janet Ruth Spiller. They have two grown sons.

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