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2001 Class Reunion
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The classes of 60, 61, 62 and a few extra alumni

First row: Sara Jo Eiker, Karen Nelson, Charlene Blackburn, Carolyn Huddlemeyer, Carole Harmon, Linda Sevier.

Second row: Barbara Isenhaur, Joyce Cowan, Betty Cowan, Danny Barron, Don Happy, Juanita Hamlin.

Third row: Sara Ponder, Ann Stickford, Donna Armstrong, Ruth Ann McNutt, Russ Bethel.

Fourth row: Myron Schmidt, Donna Huddlemyer, Johnny Huntsman, Sharon Huddlemyer, Alan Wells, Jim Anderson, Connie Hull, Elaine Duval, Donna McCallister, Dick Pittman.

Fifth row: Lavetta Bell, Dayton Cummings, Don Boone, (?), Dick Bandy, Bud Lofland, Bob Crisler, Jan Winsborough, Joyce Edwards, Marcia, McComas.

Sixth row: Lee Capps, Bruce Thrailkel (I know that's mis-spelled.), Larry Clevenger, Phil Wymore, Beverly Hall, Delores Newman, Lois Henderson, Jim Pence.

Seventh row: Ron Decker, Jon Panter, Richard Groves, Jim Pierce, Marsha Love, Frank Dodge, Susan Behrenson, Mary Alice Capps, Sharon Slater.

Eighth row: Bill Skaggs, (Unknown), Roy Thomas, Don Dye, Anita Burke, Randy Barnes, Tom Pritchard.

The gal being hugged by Tom Pritchard and in front of Randy Barnes is Brenda Kerr.

We still have three unknown guys. Ann Stickford said that the guy between Bill and Roy is George Endicott.

The Class of '60

What a great reunion!

Class of 1961

Class of 1962

We know we had a good time. In this album we'll include pictures and memories from all the events. We hope you see a picture of yourself!

The Blue Jay sign - to welcome us

We were welcomed at the BBQ with this wonderful sign.

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